Monday, 9 November 2015

Taiwan Vacation Day 6 - 09 Nov 2015

09 Nov 2015 (Monday):

Its already the beginning of another new week. Time passes by so fast when you are enjoying. We were due to return back to Singapore on Friday.

Jamie and I searched for some change of breakfast and came across this little cafe some 20 mins ride from Le Parker.

Gabee had bade us farewell the night before as we only hire him for 3 days. His service was excellent and went way beyond his call and duty to take care of us everyday, for the past 3 days. If you would like to have his contact, drop me a message.

DEPOT - English breakfast for a change.

Pre booked out HSR tickets online for the trip back to Taipei, where we changed to the TRA for Ruifang Station.

And upon reaching Ruifang Station, it was raining heavily and through the 2 days we were in Jiufen, it continued to rain....non stop.... Sianz ttm!

Feng Zhi Gu (风之谷) was the name of the minsu we stayed for the next 2 nights. The owner was nice to pick us up from Ruifang Station and he showed us to our room.

Next, he took out a map of Jiufen Old Town and intro to us the good and must have food and how to walk and explore Jiufen Old Town.

Our rooms looked exactly the same we saw online. We liked the design and atmosphere, though with heavy thunderstorm outside.

Hakka food for dinner and were basically stuck there for ages. The rain was coming down hard and the wind was strong. There was no place we could venture without getting wet.

We had this dessert after braving the heavy rain, getting wet from head to toe even with our umbrellas.

Isnt this one of the recommended must have? The minsu owner did recommend so.

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