Saturday, 7 November 2015

Taiwan Vacation Day 4 - 07 Nov 2015

07 Nov 2015 (Sat):

Morning peeps! At 4lish, this is the crowd at the train station. Temperature was 13 degrees. Not too cold...

Disclaimer: Those voices in the video do not belong to us. Free narration though..haha.

Some snapshot of the sunrise.

Traditional Taiwanese breakfast is served. 

We made our way down and Gabee intro us to this couple tree which was burned many years back during a forest fire.

This temple was destroyed in the 921 earthquake and it was rebuilt and only completed recently.

Most treats from Gabee along the way such as grape crushed ice, fruits such as dragon fruit, mango, grapes, bananas, etc.. He really looked after for our general being, treat and fed us well.

Lunch at the local eatery. Gabee told us not many tourist would come here since its more well known to the locals. No wonder there was a long queue!

We bought tickets for Che Cheng station  (车程) from Jiji (集集) station. Gabee said he would pick us up from Che Cheng.

We had an hour to go. Guess what we did? We rented a scooter and bike all around the quaint little town. So many people around and so so hot!

Who said Taiwan is cooling at this time of the year?!  In fact, throughout our trip, it was hot everyday, except for the cool evenings at Alishan and Cing Jing...and a rainy season at Jiufen. More about that later.

Arrival into Che Cheng brings us into another quaint little town. Gabee said to call him when we are done shopping and walking around as he claimed it is not easy to find a parking lot.

Our dinner at Talowan Restaurant.

Top Cloud (云顶) was our minsu for the night.

We caught the 2015 Cing Jing Huo Ba Jie. (清境火把节). We joined in the fun and watched the many performances. Nice!

A candid shot of us! Hehe.

Bits n Pieces of some performances.

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