Sunday, 8 November 2015

Taiwan Vacation Day 5 - 08 Nov 2015

08 Nov 2015(Sun):

Good Morning from Top Cloud! This minsu here was really beautiful. Both the building interior and the surroundings were breath-taking.

We went into Green Green Grassland 青青草原 to wanna watch the sheep show but the millions of people was... OMG!

And not to mention, the sun was equally... OMG!

We went over to watch another acrobatic show; a family (we guessed) from Inner Mongolia with their horsies and doing dare devil acts.

And not forgetting, some pics too.

Pardon me for the 2x pics i used in the above.  Little Swiss Garden. I thought i read somewhere this admission is free if you have bought the admission tickets for GGGL but apparently, we were wrong and still had to pay for another admission.

oh, btw... where is this 400 plus steps (步步高升) that I read somewhere again? We did not come to that. 

Carton King and I almost wanted to buy some stuff for my kids when I realised the bulky items will not be easy to handle and we still have 1 night in Taichung and another 2 nights in Jiufen before going back to Taipei.

The braised pork rice, braised eggs and meatballs soup were so good , we had a 2nd helping. Gabee never failed to bring us to try nice food, though simple. Nay! We do not necessarily fancy posh restaurants anyway! A simple eatery who serves good food will do too :)

We had ice cream - Feeling 18 degrees. The queue was long. Gabee treated us...yet again to chocolates.  We were fatten up every day.

 A trip to SML - Sun Moon Lake.

And checked into Le Parker for the night.

And of course, we went shopping and makan again at Feng Jia Night Market. We bought quite a lot of stuff and shopped till most of the shops closed, almost 1am. Surprisingly , Watsons was still open - was it open 24 hours??

Someone asked me for copy right fees... Jamie...u wait long long. Hehe!

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