Thursday, 5 November 2015

Taiwan Vacation Day 2 - 05 Nov 2015

05 Nov 2015 (Thurs):

Good morning from Taiwan. This is mine 2nd trip to Taiwan this year.

Itinerary for the day: Longshan Temple to pray for a smooth and enjoyable trip.
                                  Danshui / Fisherman's Wharf.
                                  Xin Bei Tou for a soak in one of the hotspring.
                                  Shilin Night Market for shopping.

We took a train to Longshan Temple Station, 1 stop away and head straight for breakfast.

We had rice dumplings and they were good.

View of Longshan Temple. We prayed for good weather and a smooth journey throughout.

But it was a hot weather outside and a cooling drink was needed to keep us sane.

Then we proceed to Danshui / Tamshui. No time limit. Own time own target.

We took a ferry to Fisherman's Wharf.

We left Danshui and went to Xin Bei Tou for a dip in one of the hotspring bath. No pics here of course.

Our last stop. Shilin Night Market. I love so very much this cheezy potato thingy.

We did not really eat much as we wanna safe our stomachs for more street food.

And not forgetting, we had a fun time at the KTV which we booked for 12 midnight and sang all the way till 4am in the morning.

Note: we had a highspeed train to catch at 0930hrs. Sleepy head signing off.

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