Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Taiwan Vacation Day 1 - 04 Nov 2015

04 Nov 2015 (Wed):

Sometime back in July or was it August, my colleagues and I were discussing about having a vacation and Taiwan came to our minds. We flipped through the calendar and agreed Nov was a good choice since there was a weekend followed by a PH. That would cut down on the number of leave we had to apply. LOL.

Prices on budget airlines were even more expensive than those commercial carriers. We checked on Scoot, Eva Air, Singapore Airlines (dream on), etc... and finally settled on Eva (BR) Air. Moreover, it was on a Hello Kitty plane (HK).

After we got our air tickets booked, we got busy with work and the booking of our accommodation was put on hold. We managed to get it done by late Sep / early Oct.

The day finally dawned upon.

Eva Air departing from T2 Row 8. We met at about 1.30pm, checked in and had lunch.

Haha, we took many pics (or rather I was the one) of HK (cards, pillows, cutleries, toiletries and even toilet roll paper) and watsapp back the pics to our colleagues who went wow...wah... so cute...i want i want... adorable, etc

Arriving at Taoyuan International Airport, we got our mobile data plan and took bus#1819 to Taipei Main Station.

Midtown Hotel Richardson was where we put up for the 1st 2 nites and again for the last 2 nites. It was very spacious and easily accessible from both either exit 4 or exit 5 of Ximen Station.

It was late and we were hungry. Most of the shops in Ximen were closed except for a few here and there.

A simple bowl of noodles, grilled sausages and juice settled our stomach.

Well, that practically sums up our evening for the 1st night. Nothing much.

Next post, a trip to Longshan Temple, Danshui, Xin Bei Tou and Shilin Night Market.

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