Saturday, 21 November 2015

Quanzhou, China Day 1

21 Nov 2015 (Sat):

The family ancestral temple in Anxi, Fujian Province, China was rebuilt and it was ready for the deities to settle in their new home.

As it was a Seah family ( 谢氏 ) kinda event, we were invited to attend the ceremony.

And so on the 21 Nov morning, we set off on board Tiger Airways  to Quanzhou, where upon arrival, we would head to Anxi, approx 1.5-2hrs journey away from Quanzhou.

Star Wars action figurines at T2.

We arrived Quanzhou and immediately hire a cabbie who took us to Anxi for RMB250.00. This cabbie was very nice and helped us to locate our hotel.

Actually we did not booked any hotel. The older folks who flew ahead of us told us to alight at the previous hotel they stayed in the last time they came and they would come and pick us up.

In fact, we were very lost when we arrived at Anxi. The location of the hotel was next to some night club and the staff / guests who walked past us gave us a weird stare. Hubby called a number given to us before we left for Quanzhou and some random uncle picked up the call.

This uncle was in fact the guide who brought us around Anxi for the next 2 days. The old folks and some relatives came in a van and met surprisingly, well at least to me when i saw familiar faces.

There was this couple who would very frequently popped over to my in laws'  shop and chit chat, gossip and coffee. I have always seen them but not knowing they were related to us. So apparently when they saw my surprised look, all of them laughed.

We went up the van and checked into another hotel.The folks have checked into this hotel prior and reserved 1 more room for us. This hotel overlooks the lake and the scenery was beautiful in the night.  Thank goodness it was not the other hotel located next to the nightclub. My uncle said it was very noisy at night and there were cases of drunkards fighting. 

We went for dinner altogether and thereafter, the older folks retired for the night and the 4 of us went shopping. The weather in Anxi was warm and i could not understand the need for thick winter jackets most of the local folks were wearing.

Talked about shopping, the underground departmental stalls were stuffy and small. There was no air-conditioning at all. Everywhere were selling thick winter clothings and boots and there was nothing practical to buy.

We passed by a store selling winter clothings and this lady stopped us and said: " 明天的天气会比今天还要冷, 你们还穿得这样薄, 不怕生病吗?"

I felt like telling her: " 你倒不如说明天的天气会比今天还要热?"

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