Saturday, 21 March 2015

CNY 8th day - Taiwan Vacation ~ Taipei to Singapore

26 Feb 2015 (Thurs):

This was the day we will be leaving Taiwan for Singapore which means, the last day of our vacation.

With no agenda for the day, I suggested going to CSK Memorial Hall as I wanted to catch the Guard Changing Ceremony. I took videos too.

This is just a little snippet of the ceremony. The whole ceremony is about 15 mins long.

We had Tim Sum back at Ximen and shopped around for another luggage. We bought too many stuff and our luggage was over-weight..
Ah Mao Risotto. This is really the dog at the entrance of the cafe.

Without realizing our flight was delayed for 2 hours, we checked in and was told of the delay. What to do but laze around and did more shopping. Luckily, Taoyuan airport was big with many things to see and we had some meals at the eateries around as well.

6 days in Taiwan is definitely NOT enough. I will be back, hopefully soon.

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