Saturday, 21 March 2015

CNY 6th day - Taiwan Vacation ~ Taipei

24 Feb 2015 (Tues):

Aiyoyoyo...its raining..wah sianz lor! Hubby suggested going to the National Palace Museum first. On our way out to the MRT station, we passed by this Tien Hou Gong and decided to have a look and pray for good weather as well.

Take the MRT to Shilin Station, exit 1 and transfer to bus #304 just outside the station. In fact, there are a number of buses going to National Palace Museum.

No photos are allowed inside. Rachel was whimpering as her legs were tired from all the walking. Nothing fancies her inside the museum.

Towards Danshui, take the red line down to Bei Tou Station and interchange towards Xin Bei Tou and this brings you to the Xin Bei Tou Hot Spring Museum and Thermal Valley.

Every blog i saw and read has this " TO XINBEITOU " icon taken and so did I. Once you alight from the train, its on the platform. Coming down from the escalator, you will also see this 6 little man sculpture.
There is only 1 exit. Walk towards the main road, you see will directions for Zhong Shan Road. Crossed the traffic junction and walked towards Zhong Shan Road. The Ketagalan Culture Centre is on your left and further in, the hot spring museum is on your right..

Walked all the way in, you should bypass the Millenmium Public Hot Spring Bath and a little further up on your left, is the way towards the Thermal Valley.

I was half expecting strong sulphuric smell from the waters but it was a pleasant environment.

We made our way down to Danshui where we ate, shopped, ate and shopped all the way till late night.

We caught the sunset and it was really a magnificent view.

Lover's Bridge as the name implies is located at Fisherman's Wharf. You need to take a ferry for this.
When we went to purchase the ferry tickets, we were told they have only 1 way ticket and we can take Red #26 bus service back to Danshui station.

So being Lover's Bridge, the 2 monkeys decided to take a couple of shots of us and of cos, not forgetting a family portrait as well. :)

And this LOVE icon as well, cool.

We took the #26 bus back to Danshui Station, dumped our shopping stuff at the public lockers at  NTD10 per hour, and off for more shopping again.

My last destination for the day was supposed to be Shilin Nighht Market but we were all so tired, I decided to forego it.

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