Saturday, 21 March 2015

CNY 4th day - Taiwan Vacation ~ Taichung

22 Feb 2015 (Sun):

Our itinerary for the day - Sun Moon Lake cum Farmosan Aboriginal Culture Village (FACV).

We went to the Nantou County Bus station and bought a package worth NTD990 which consisted of 2 way return transfers from bus station, Taichung to SML, ferry ride around the lake, ropeway and admission to FACV, bus ride around the lake and 1 way Shuishe - Xiangshan bus ride.

If you purchased these items separately, it will cost more as ferry ride around the lake is already NTD 300 per head and admission to FACV is about NTD780 per head. I have not even include the 2 way transfers from Taichung city to Nantou county.

The padi fields we saw along the way...they were everywhere..
Shuishe Visitor Centre where we boarded the ferry from. I was holding the ferry tickets in my hands and we just follow the crowd blindly. There was an uncle who tored the coupons from our booklet when we alighted from the coach and gave us 4 ferry tickets, telling us to walked straight ahead. A lady stopped us, saying she saw our tickets and stamped on our hands for the ferry and directed us to pier #2.

First stop: Xuan Guang Temple. So many tourists and we joined the queue for Ah Po Tea Leaves Eggs. 

Next ride to Ita Thao Pier. The kids had fun with this particular street performer. He wouldnt move, no matter how much you tried to disturb unless you put $$ into his box.

Ropeway up to FACV. 3 stars rating by the Michelin Green Guide.

A whole day spent up at FACV, if not for the fact that we have to rush down for our last ferry leaves at 1730hrs back to Shuishe Visitors Centre. This prompted Hubby to suggest staying for a night the next time we come. 

Sun Moon Lake.. we were here. :)

This above video shows L n R doing a bamboo dance and it was hilarious watching them.

Let the experts show you instead.

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