Monday, 30 March 2015

Chingay 2015 - We Heart SG

28 Feb 2015 (Sat):

L n R were perfoming in the Wushu Contigent for this Chingay 2015 parade. Hence, we purchased the tickets through their Da Shi Xiong, Steve.

Practices begun back in early Nov 2014 and as the sessions became in depth, both the kids and the parents felt the strain as every Sat was spent doing practices and rehearsals. All the kids would only arrive back to the respective CCs after 11pm.

Luckily we have the wushu seniors, parent volunteers, da shi xiong (Steve) n da shi jie (Monica)to keep the practices sane and the kids well looked after. They would keep us parents updated thru watspps on the kids' practices, the whats to note and whats not to do, their progress and the time the kids left the practice grounds and the approx time they would arrive back.

Naturally, there would be reports on kids losing this and that item and both shi xiong n shi jie would try to find replacements. And then, there would be cases whereby the students reported sick and hence unable to turn up for the practices. Steve and Monica were very understanding and did not push. If the kids insisted on coming for the practices, Steve n Monica would update the parents on the status of the sick child.

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