Saturday, 21 March 2015

CNY 1st day

19 Feb 2015 (Thurs):

Good Morning to the year of the Mehhhhh Mehhhh....Goat! Here's wishing one and all a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

祝大家在喜羊羊的一年里,心想事成,美梦成真,身体建康, 万事都如意。

It was again a busy day for the 4 of us. In the morning, we went to 舅公 (Grand uncle)'s place, followed by my grandparents' place, then back home to pick up my in laws who were going to Xiamen for their holidays.

As it was, 7 of them went for their hols but it was the whole kampong who came and sent them off. 3 cars VS a whole lot of about 24 people.

Then 4 of us went over to my mum's place for another round of steamboat. We left for Malacca around 7pm.

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