Saturday, 21 March 2015

CNY 5th day - Taiwan Vacation ~ Taichung to Taipei

23 Feb 2015 (Mon):

This day, we made our back to Taipei City via U Bus again. Our destination for the day: Leofoo Village.

I took this video in " Abrabian Night " perfomance. We were not even aware of this perfomance. We were directed into the theatre after we emerged out from our lazer maze game.

It was a whole day spent here at Leofoo Village. We took a cab from our hotel in the morning and we decided that taking cab would be our last option back to Taipei City. A fellow Taiwanese seemed to read our minds and told us there is a queue outside of the theme park for the bus going back to Taipei City.

We enquired and was told the bus goes back to Jingan Station which was easy access to Ximen Station where our hotel was.

Back at Ximen Station, we purchased the EasyCard which works the same way as our Easylink or Nets Flashpay Card. For the next two days, we will be travelling via their MRT quite alot, hence this card would come in handy.

Dinner and shopping at Ximen. We stayed at ECFA, Kunming branch and this was located on the 10th floor of an apartment building. The 2nd to 9th floor was all residential units. 

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