Saturday, 21 March 2015

CNY 7th day - Taiwan Vacation ~ Taipei

25 Feb 2015 (Wed):

Today was a little "grey" day. I do not meant the weather. Our moods were a little affected by a wastage of time.

Train departs Taipei Main Station for Ruifang at 1005hrs which means we were hanging around at the station for 35 mins.

The ride to Ruifang station takes about an hour, arriving at approx 1105hrs or less.

There were many people and we got to queue to buy the tickets for the unlimited rides on the Pingxi Rail. Nonetheless, the queues moved fast but by the time we were done, the train on the Pingxi Line was too crowded for us to squeeze in. The next train would only come 1 hour later.

So we had some munchies first and headed straight for the last station on the Pingxi Rail when the train came. See how much time was wasted already.

First stop: Jing Tong Station.

Next, Pingxi Station.

Last, Shifen Station.

We spend a good 1 hour - 1.5hours at least at each station, though there were very little pics to show.
Mainly walking around the town area and exploring the vast countryside.
Shifen Waterfall, which we had to take a cab to the entrance as walking from the rail station was very far. And it closes at 1630hrs.

We released sky lanterns after writing our wishes for 2015. 

Back at Shifen station, we  set of fire crackers and fire works, much to the kids delight.

Back at Ximen, we had our late night dinner and saw Ah Zong Mian Xian. Not too bad. 

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