Monday, 15 February 2016

CNY 8th day: 15 Feb 2016

15 Feb 2016 (Mon):

We had a 9-ish (am) flight back to SG.

So we decided to have a takeaway brekkie at Mac. Well, they only open at 6am. Hubs went down to get the breakfast while i get the kids ready and do some last min packing .

This the view at about 6am from our apartment. There were already people jogging by the beach front when i zoom in. :P

We took the G Link to Broach Beach South Station and took bus # 777 to Coolangatta Airport.

The tram station was the same as the day we went to Currumbin Wildlife.  From Broadbeach South station, it was another half an hour - 45 mins to the airport.

Okay, folks... sorry I took so long to update my trip but it was work work work and I was so tired during the weekends that I just did not have the mood to update my blog.

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