Tuesday, 9 February 2016

CNY 2nd day: 09 Feb 2016

09 Feb 2016 (Tues):

Thought I would skipped this day. We were basically in Malacca, the only reason was to visit the temple. My fil was not in good health and hubs would like to pray for his well being.

And as usual, our friends (the Kueh family) joined us. Siew Min prepared lunch and the kids were reluctant to say goodbye when it was time to go.

We had a plane to catch for our trip to Gold Coast, Australia that night and we did not want to get stuck in the jam, in case. Luck was not on our side.

We left Malacca at 230pm. If traffic was smooth all the way, we would reach back SG by 5pm latest.
We would still have some time to shower, changed and head for the airport in good time.

But at 6pm, we were still stuck on the NS highway. READ: JAM!!!! For no reason. No accidents, no roadblock, what the heck!!! The traffic was slow moving all the way.

At 8pm, we were just approaching JB customs and voila, MAJOR jam. Our flight was departing at 1030pm via Scoot. Die la... sure missed the flight.

Finally we snail crawled into the checkpoint and something bloody idiot happened. The driver in front of us did not have enough cash in her Touch n Go card and was preparing to jam up everyone by heading over to another lane, far away, to top up!

Hubby horned at her and asked her to use our card; just pay us in cash. Stupid woman! Couldnt even find her wallet in her bag. Arrrggghhhhh.... God! We were running very late already...

We managed to arrive at the airport by 9.20pm and there was still a long queue. Luckily, it moved fast and we even managed to grab a bite before we walked towards the boarding gate.

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