Wednesday, 10 February 2016

CNY 3rd day: 10 Feb 2016

10 Feb 2016 (Wed):

Our flight to Gold Coast, Coolangatta Airport was about 7 hrs plus. The flight itself was uneventful except my gal got a sudden nose bleed after sneezing a few times halfway through her sleep.

I asked the cabin crew if it is possible to just provide a glass of warm water and she told me a bottle of mineral water is chargeable. Hey SCOOTS, if you are reading this, I am only asking for a glass of warm water for my gal for her nose bleeding incident and you, instead of providing the warm water with no questions asked, told me the water is CHARGEABLE!!!

Okay fine. I asked for a blanket instead, just to keep her warm for the time being and you again, told me its CHARGEABLE!!! I am not buying from you. I just need it for a little while.

In the end, i paid for the so called warm water. What did you bring me? An empty cup and 1 bottle of mineral water. I asked for warm water right? You went and came back with a cup, filled with water, yes but room temperature water???!!! Can you please check your bloody SCOOTS dictionary??? What is warm water? Do I have to ask for ice water before you know how to bring me hot water? And I would have to mixed the two cups myself. Pissed!!!

I should have checked your bloody name tag or speak to your superior there and then. Stupid woman!

Enough ranting. A real horrible experience. Scoots management. Time to give your crew more training.

Upon arrival at GC, we actually spent quite some time there on purchasing the prepaid Nano sim card and deciding on what tour packages to sign up for. The process in buying the sim card was real slow. Somehow or other, there was no connection and the lady did all she can to help. Finally we got it.

We signed up for the VIP Magic Pass with Australian Outback Spectacular Show free with a hot deal to Movie World, Sea World and Wet n Wild, valid till June 2016. Price: AUD 110 per person.

We told a cab to Surfers Paradise where our resort was. Now, this resort has several names to it.

When we did our booking with, it was given as Mantra Towers of Chevron, and then we saw Chevron Renaissance on the outside of the building, and when we came back from the Australian Outback via cab, the driver told us this is known as Skyline Tower, not Renaissance...

There are all actually the same apartment. Located on 23 Ferny Ave, the G Link (tram) was just a mere 2 mins walk along Cavill Avenue. The beach was within walking distance and the bus stop was just located from across the apartment, where you can take bus# TX2 to Movie World, Wet n Wild, Paradise Country Farm and even the Australian Outback. They are all located at the same area, within walking distance, alongside each other. Bus #705 takes you to Sea World.  Bus# TX3 brings you right to the doorstep of Dream World.

But you need to study the operating hours of each bus service as the operation would cease at about 6pm each evening since the theme parks closed at 5pm. Take note that the bus stops and G Link (tram stops) are on different sides of the apartment, though I am not sure which is the front and which is the back.

Visit for more info.

I got you covered for the majority of the theme parks. I will touch on Currumbin Wildlife and how to get there in the next post. Oh yes, behind the bus stop, there is a pub called Helms Bar. Right behind Helms Bar next to Vibes Hotel is the place for boarding the Jet Boat Extreme:

Our apartment was superb. We stayed at Tower 2, 15th floor and we got a magnificent view of the ocean. The weather was good to us every day, except for 1 gloomy morning when we were at Wet n Wild. But that cleared up within mins from the1st bout of rain and was sunny from then on.

The time difference between SG and GC was 2 hours apart - if SG was 10am, GC would be 12 noon.

Our apartment was spick and span, clean but kinda oily at the kitchen area. Basic facilities were provided, such as: clothes line / rack and pegs for hanging your clothes, broom and vacuum for maintaining the cleanliness, dish washing liquid and sponge, laundry detergent, shower and shampoo, clean towers, pot, pans, bowls and plates, utensils, microwave oven, dish washing machine, washing machine for the clothes and tumbler / dryer, cooling air condition, soft beds, bathtub and standing shower.....

Asked for Tower 2 on the 15th floor with the ocean view, the next time you stay at Mantra Towers of Chevron. Do not get mixed up, there are many different Mantra apartments here and there.

Right below Tower 2, you can gain access to the supermarket - COLES, pharmacy, bakery, cafes, pubs, restaurants many more. Talk about convenience. Choose Mantra Towers. You can't get wrong.

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