Sunday, 14 February 2016

CNY 7th day: 14 Feb 2016

14 Feb 2016 (Sun):

Happy Valentine's Day to all :)

Our 2nd last day Gold Coast. The day before, we enquired with one of the travel and tours booth around Surfers about the admission to Dream World and it was expensive. Then we caught sight of a promotion at another booth for admission to Dreamworld, Whitewaters and Skypoint. Bingo! We got that.

Skypoint, even at 8am was crowded. The view was as clear as what we saw when we had our heli ride, except this was in the morning.

Dreamworld and Whitewaters... of cos no photos at the water theme park.

Sand Safari at Beachfront Market. The market opens only every Wed, Fri and Sun from 3pm to 8pm, subject to weather conditions. They feature a variety of premium products, including fashion, jewellery, accessories, artworks, photographs, beauty products and home wares and many more.

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