Thursday, 11 February 2016

CNY 4th day: 11 Feb 2016

11 Feb 2016 (Thurs):

Good morning from Gold Coast!. At 6.40am (which is only 4.40am in SG), we woke up to a beautiful morning and delish breakfast.

Kinda weird cos at 6.40am, even in SG, i would have complained at having to wake up so early but here in GC, no fuss at all. Of cos! We are on a vacation. :)

We bought the breakfast stuff right at COLES the night before - bread, ham, cheese, eggs, juice, etc..
A tad too much, i believed.

The agenda for the day was Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Park which was located at Currumbin itself.

So, how to get to the park? Fastest way and most expensive way, take a cab.
But no, we did an alternative.

Since the G Link was just round the corner of our apartment, we took a tram to Broach Beach South Station and from there, we took bus # 700 which stops outside Currumbin Wildlife Park.

Walk 2 mins to Cavill Avenue Station, have your GO card ready and tap at the gantry just before boarding.

The GO card works the same way as our EZ Link Card or NETS Flashpay card. Alight at Broach Beach South station (4th stop after Cavill Ave - Cavill Ave, Surfers Paradise, Northcliffe, Florida Gardens and Broach Beach South).

From BBS station, take bus #700. Just a note: the station is an open station and upon alighting, there are 4 bus stops. 2 stops on each side of the tram track. Board #700 from bus stop A.

Clear instructions on the map above.

There are many native creatures at CWSP. Actually, there are 2 such parks in GC. One is CWSP, the other is PCF - Paradise Country Farm.

I read the many reviews and the CWSP won my vote. Well, that being said, I kinda regretted having said it. 

We spent practically the whole day there and wasted quite a fair bit of time just walking. Example: you can spent 5-10 mins looking at Koalas but spent the next 20 mins to half an hour just to get to the next enclosure. And then, there is nothing inside??? ( or rather, the animal was hiding somewhere)

We saw wallabies, emus, tasmanian devils and of cos my favourite, the Koalas. We caught the many different shows and performances throughout the day as well.

  BUT the worst thing, enduring the hot hot sun. 

After a long day with tempers rising and many arguments, we rewarded ourselves at Surfers Paradise.

Spending the evening fooling around, kicking in the waters, running around in the sand, enjoying the cooling weather, taking selfies, splashing and screaming, chasing each other... taking in the sights and sounds.

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