Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Road Trip Up North - Day 3

24 June 2014 (Tues):

Hubs seemed to know this area well. We drove by some kopitiam or cafes last night & he remembered the direction from our hotel on foot!

Tim Sum for brekkie.

Our evergreen water theme park in Malaysia - Sunway Lagoon. This time round, I was more adventurous to go onto the Vuvuzela Slide - the kids called it 大喇叭.

We went round to the wildlife closure & saw many animals in their enclosure.

Caught a "Pirates vs Mermaids" show

Took a walk along the suspension bridge, sat in the ferris wheel & played go kart.
Basically, this marked the end of our short holiday.
Side humor: We queued up for the Scream Park Horror expenditure with me coaxing R that its all fake; only people wearing costumes & masks to look scary. There were many people queuing for it & I thought it would be fun to explore the inside together. While we were waiting outside & a staff was telling us about what we would be expecting, this other staff came jumping out, wearing only a mask & "boooo-ed" at everyone else. People were screaming & running in all directions. Haiz.. there goes the end of our encounter - both L & R insisted to get out. L almost in tears & R was, well, crying lah.
Looking back, I felt like laughing instead. :P

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