Saturday, 14 June 2014

Bollywood Veggies

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05 June 2014 (Thurs):

This morning, I brought the kids over to Bollywood Veggies, off Kranji Countryside. We took the shuttle from Kranji MRT Station.

Prior to this, I was looking at its website to see what other farms we could visit but due to time constraint & waiting time for the shuttle buses in between, we decided to only stop at Bollywood Veggies. I do not drive so even visiting other farms within the same area would pose a problem since walking distance was not a plus factor.

Shuttle Bus @ $3/adult & $1/child. The bus timing stated on the pillar & website were different.
Admission @ $2/person. However, if you came by the shuttle bus, admission is free.
After walking around, we were quite disappointed. Some of the grounds were bare; what could have been interesting plants with blooming flowers or fruits to awe at, now vacant. Either the fruits/veggies were not in planting season or.... oh well..
This is their only restaurant @ Bollywood - Poison Ivy.
The air conditioned environment was welcoming after a humid day outside. We were lucky to have found a table cos the crowd started pouring in right after we sat down.
Menu for your reference.
While waiting for the shuttle bus.....
As the bus stops over at Sungai Buloh, the kids asked to walk around. This was not the 1st time we have been here anyway...
After walking for only about 15 mins, it started to drizzle. And the drizzle turned to heavy rain. What to do but run for shelter.
Spot it? This creature was basking in the rain till the rain got too heavy & it went down under the waters. The picture's too appropriate for some

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