Sunday, 29 June 2014

Pioneer Seafood

29 June 2014 (Sun):

Food, food and nothing but food. Solely food.

We had dinner at Pioneer Seafood Restaurant along Tuas. I read in some reviews about this place. Ulu location but great food & service.

Newspaper cuttings to promote their restaurant.

They even have KTV rooms available & we actually asked for one. But was rejected: (1) u hv to spent min SGD$500. (2) need to make advance reservations for it.
But when we were there, there was only 1 other table occupied beside ours. And the KTV rooms were unoccupied. And by looking at what we have ordered, it was almost close to $500.
And how to make advance reservations when we only decided at the last min to have dinner here...
However, their answer was still a NO. :(

Hubs had no problem locating this place. He was the one who suggested having dinner here since he passes by this restaurant whenever he has projects along this stretch of road. And I'm surprised the whole family had no objections as well. I was afraid they might find the place too far.

Brinjal with salted fish

Chilli crab.

Herbal duck.

Fried scallop with mango bits.

Oatmeal prawns.

Assam fish.

Salted egg crab.

Sea cucumber.

Sweet n sour pork ribs.

We managed to finish everything between 8A & 4C.

And the bills comes to SGD$442.42 after service charge.

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