Monday, 23 June 2014

Road Trip Up North ~ Day 2

23 June 2014 (Mon):

We went around checking out for a good hotel nearby & we found ~

The Tree Boutique Hotel. Surprised to see its recommended on Trip Advisor.
Right across from I City, it has many amenities around & SACC Mall is about 10 mins drive away only.

Saw some street art from our room window the night before & decided to check it out. Was in awe as there were many such innovative drawings thru the many back lanes of the shophouses here.

Super Mario?

I found MH370 / Anybody for a game of Snakes & Ladders?

The back door of the shops involved became a toilet for both men & women.

 We saw this promotion while at I City the day before & its RM$50 for admissions to: Snow Walk, Water Park, House of Horror, Science Mission & Red Carpet. Individual admission would be costly. This card is valid for 2 years from the date of purchase. Its also used for the rides around the park such as the carousel & ferris wheel. You can top it up when its low in value
** Trick Art Admission was not included with this card, hence we visited it individually yesterday. **


Our 1st stop: The Red Carpet ~ Wax Museum if you wanna make it simple :)
Queen Elizabeth II, Jacky, Chen Long, Elvis Priestly, Albert Einstein

Mr Bean - Rowan Atkinson, Sylvester Stallone, Captain Jack Sparrow ( Pirates of the Carribean) ; Johnny Depp (am I right), MM LKY

Sun Wu Kong...

Arnold Schwarzenegger - Terminal Terminator 1 2 3. Gods Must Be Crazy??, Deng Xiao Ping & apparently an F1 racer ( name unsure)
Yao Ming ~ basketball player...

The tallest & shortest man, Steve Jobs & Theresa Deng Li Jun

Chow Yun Fatt & James Bond ~ 007

Space Mission - 5 mins is more than enough; practically nothing.

Snow Walk. Jacket is provided but you need to rent the boots. I have gotten the kids to wear long sleeves & pants instead for this part of the fun. Unlike the previous trip to Snow City in Dreamworld, Bangkok, they were out in less than 5 mins as it was very cold.

We stayed slightly more than half an hour inside, sliding and going weeeeee....
Last attraction before we leave, the water park. Yes, a small area... the slides were not in

In the late afternoon, we sent our ride for a much needed wash & polish. RM$50 & a good job done.

So it was to our next destination... can you guess where?
Clue: From I City, drive out to Federal Highway Route 2 <2>, exit Subang Jaya, follow directions for Bandar Sunway & you should come to......

Sunway Lagoon Resort & Theme Park.

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