Tuesday, 14 January 2014

CSTD Primary Ballet Exam Results

05 January 2014 (Sun):

Rachel received her results for her primary ballet exam taken last November & we were happy she did well.

Pre Grades Classical Syllabus: Primary -  Highly Commended.
Rises: Posture was secure with good use of instep pressure, timing was well maintained throughout - V.G
Foot Flexes: Strong use of floor pressure and ankle flex shown, rotation well executed - V.G
Centre Practice: Posture, footwork and balance all shown with strength & control - Excellent
Port De Bras: Expression and flow of movement shown with natural personality - V.G
Walking Skipping Running: All rhythms demonstrated with well extended legs & feet, good elevation, strong posture & musicality - V.G
Dance 1: You really tried very hard to stretch your feet today. You danced with a sweet smile. A little unsure of your routine today.
Dance 2: Try to gain a more confident performance quality. Be sure feet are well stretched in your skips. Dainty performer.
Demi Curtesy/Bow: Presented with correct placement & expression - V.G

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