Thursday, 2 January 2014

1st day of school, 2014

02 Jan 2014 (Thurs):

Happy 2014! The 2nd day of January dawn bright & early for these 2 as they prepared themselves for their 1st day of school. I was in school at 0730hrs & went back home only at 1015hrs. Parents were asked to wait at the school canteen while the teachers took attendance & got the pupils ready for their walk to the classroom. Hey, I think as parents, we were more anxious than our children. We were not allowed to be "loitering" around the classrooms but......

I was taking a foto of Rachel (red arrow) & happened to catch my niece in action (blue arrow)....yawning away. Lol!
The classroom doors were opened so I took a peek at Rachel, sitting at the exact table she sat during her orientation.
This is Yi Xuan, Rachel's P2 buddy. A very helpful & caring girl. She taught Rachel how to buy snacks & even helped her to carry the bowl of noodle soup. Rachel's wallet, though hooked on her skirt, was hanging out of her pocket & tried as I might, I could not get her attention. Yi Xuan saw it & quickly push the wallet back into Rachel's pocket.
Immediately after Rachel's recess, it was the P3s & P4s. Lionel looked so mature in his new uniform.
Parents are still allowed to visit the P1 pupils during recess tomorrow & I will definitely be there. STILL cant believe my princess is in P1.

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