Sunday, 19 January 2014

Chinatown - Look Look See See

19 January 2014 (Sun):

A trip to downtown Chinatown is a yearly outing for us. Not that we have anything to buy but we were there just to soak up the atmosphere. This year was fruitful cos we were so honoured & privileged to meet a VIP.

We were walking admist the slow moving crowd when we were stopped dead in our tracks. What's happening? Why were there flash lights from cameras & hps all of a sudden? Some celebrities? Big shots? Who?? What??? Where??

Just outside the Chinatown MRT station.
Look at the crowd.
My princess loves taking photos :)
Guess Who? Do u recognize the back view?
Mr Lee Hsien Loong. Thank you Sir, for your time to have this photo taken with us :)
CNY d├ęcor.
More photos.

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