Sunday, 11 August 2013

Long weekend - 07 ~ 11 Aug 2013

11 August 2013 (Sun):

you have been warned: no photos...only words :P

07 Aug (Wed):

The school celebrated National Day & Hari Raya. All students were encouraged to come in their red & white attire or the traditional Malay costume. School hours were from 8am - 1030am, so the kids had most of the day free. :)

08 Aug (Thurs):

Being a PH ~ Hari Raya, i gave a day off from doing assessments books. The kids were elated; they can play all day. However, instead of being a couch potato, we headed off to Henderson Waves. But instead of crossing over to Hortpark (which was what we usually did), we walked along the main road after the end of the tree top walk, towards Labrador MRT station. There ia a boardwalk behind the station which leads out into the open sea & all the way across, ending at Marina @ Keppel Bay. Boy! That was a long walk, and with the rain coming down on us, we were wet, tired & hungry.

In the evening, the kids went for a buffer dinner with ah ma & us 2 went for our dinner at Balestier.

09 Aug (Fri):

Daddy planned to go into JB for a little shopping. He needed to get some stuff for his client. After looking at the traffic condition, we opt for entry via Tuas Checkpoint.Our destination was Pasir Gudang. By right, entry ito JB via Woodlands Checkpoint wld be nearer but we did not want to waste our time, gettin stuck in the jam( for goodness know how long.

So we followed directions for Pasir Gudang after exiting from customs. But as u know lah, the roadsigns disappeared halfway & we did not know if we were driving in the right direction. Daddy made a u-turn & followed directions for Johor Bahru instead. We were down on our luck. The shop was closed & would only be open on the 12 Aug. We did not expect them to close. Arrgghhh...

So Daddy said to go where we were the week before as there were many interesting shops, cafes & restaurants. I told him that's Bukit Indah. We wanted to visit AEON shopping centre. But what Daddy had in mind was Bandar Uda Utama, that's along Jalan Skudai. We had a little miscommunication here. Daddy thought that Bukit Indah was in fact, the same as Bandar Uda Utama. Well....

We drove back via Senai Airport, followed directions for Skudai but somehow, we ended up along some ulu village road. Not wanting to continue for fear of losing our way more, we followed signs for Kota Iskandar instead as I remembered Bukit Indah was in the Iskandar town area. Or was it? I am confused myself.

Somehow, we ended up at Gelang Patah ( God help us). Quickly we made a u-turn again. I told Daddy to stop going round in circles. Go to Skudai & just drive on. We stopped to ask for directions & was told Bukit Indah was just: turn right at the traffic light, go all the way & turn right. Before turning right, I saw the indication for Jalan Skudai was to turn left. I was not thinking straight already. Which was which??

We stopped for dinner at what Daddy thought to be Bandar Uda Utama ( I had clearly mentioned this was Bukit Indah). We walked around the whole area, looking at all the interesting cafes & restaurants. Daddy said we should proceed to Jalan Skudai. So i said okay, that's the other direction. But after a few mins of driving, we realised the place was not what we saw the last time. I told Daddy to stopped the car & I had to explain everything to him again...

.You want to go Bandar Uda Utama. That's the place we passed up the last time the Kueh family went with us to Legoland. We stayed at the uncle's house, remember?

.The place we went last week was Bukit Indah. You kept on saying its Bandar Uda Utama just becos u remembered seeing Lu Bang & Courts. I told u that was not as I wrote down the street name & its not the same place.

.Now u insisted i gave u the wrong info. I did not. This is Bukit Indah & NOT Bandar Uda Utama.

Time: 2150hrs. Both is us were a little heated up & Daddy decided to drive back to Singapore. The radio station 933 had already mentioned there were major jam at the Woodlands custom & Daddy still wanna take a chance. I was pissed off but i kept quiet. True to it, there was a long queue & Daddy filtered out & proceeded towards Tuas direction again. We passed by Danga Bay & I wanted to get out. I needed fresh air; I was so angry. But the man drove on.

Finally, we arrived at Tuas Checkpoint, cleared immigration with ease & reached home at 1030pm.

10 Aug (Sat):

No worries. Our tempers were short fused & we were alright upon reaching home. Daddy & I even joked about the TV show we watched in the night, lauging with the kids.

Being a Sat, its back to our daily routine of assessment exercises. I had set them revision tests (English, Chinese & Maths) for today & they settled down to complete it.

In the evening, we caught Smurfs 2 at the cinema. Will it be Turbo next?

11 Aug (Sun):

Its the last day of the long weekend. Back to school & back to work tomorrow. :)

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