Sunday, 18 August 2013

Chong Pang Open House 2013

18 August 2013 (Sun):

Bring back the kampong spirit....

We had a community fair this morning at the Chong Pang CC. Watching stage performance like...

Chinese Taiji.

Japan Akido.

Community singing ~ Di Tanjong Katong, Home, Xi Shui Chang Liu

We got to complete thise card with 12 stamps from different groups before attempting a chance at tikam.

Doing puzzle at the SPF booth~ Don't tempt your flatmates.

Trying our hands at Congkat.

We wanted to help out with the batik painting for Chingay 2014 preparations but...

it was all completed by the time we got to it.

Simple yet beautiful. The colours were bright & all u have to do is to spread the paint across the area u're painting on.

This was the free gift we got. Not too sure what is it used for. A table mat? Some said its a tool used for rolling up

The finale of the event was the lucky draw which had only 5 prizes given out. Oh! Not to mention, we had various snacks to munch on; milo, yogurt, biscuits & kacang puteh. We also played kampong games like five stones, hopscotch, chatek & marble.

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