Thursday, 11 July 2013

Wushu Grading

07 July 2013 (Sun):

The kids had their Wushu Grading this afternoon. A few lessons were cancelled due to haze & the school holidays & 1 lesson missed as we were away in Genting, so most of the kids sort of forgot how to execute the moves. They made up by having an intensive training the Friday before today's grading.

Happpy to say, this 2 passed their grading & were promoted to the next level in Wushu.

Rachel before grading.

Lionel before grading.

I took a video, shown below of Rachel executing her moves. But she kinda forgotten her steps & was on the verge of crying. Opps..

Congrats to Rachel. Her next level: Green Belt.

Congrats to Lionel. His next level: Brown Belt. The syllabus for brown belt consists of all that he learned from white belt & new topics in brown belt itself. Oh dear! The grading's gonna be tough.

Ah ma with all her 4 grandchildren after the cert presentation.

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