Saturday, 6 July 2013

Genting Day 3 ~ 28 June 2013 (Fri)

28 June 2013 (Fri):

This morning, all the kids were excited as they get to play a whole day, well almost in both the outdoor & indoor theme park. Today will be our last day before heading back to Singapore. I didnt take much photos of the day as the kids were constantly on the move, from one ride to another.

After lunch, Daddy surprised all of us by telling us we would be staying one more night here in Genting as he had promised water play for the kids. The Kueh family were due to return back to Malacca this afternoon as well but their kids were reluctant to do so. They had so much fun. Daddy suggested  to Daddy Kueh to allow his 3 older kids (age 12, 10 & 9) to stay with us in Genting for 1 more night. Daddy Kueh immediately booked 1 more room to accomodate 2 adults & 5 kids.

So at about 4pm, the Kueh family left & we proceeded to Rainforest Splashpark. A scream of disappointment came from every child. It was closed.

I came up with an idea. How about us checking out & proceed to the water theme park in Malacca instead. We could stay 1 night in Malacca & proceed to the park the next day. We could have all day to enjoy & in the evening after dinner, we can then send the kids back home, without having to rush. It was a naughty thought. Daddy & Mummy Kueh would be thinking about their kids up in Genting when in actual fact, all of us are in Malacca instead.

However, Daddy preferred Sunway Lagoon in KL. We hurriedly went back to our rooms, packed & checked out. We stayed nearby Sunway Lagoon for the night & it was a room with 2 double beds. So the boys took 1 bed & the gals took the other. Aircon temp was set at 16 degrees & we all snuggled in for the night.

We thought about 'The Lost World' in Ipoh... but fainted at the thought of the long journey back home :P

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