Saturday, 6 July 2013

Sunway Lagoon, KL - 29 June 2013 (Sat)

29 June 2013 (Sat):

Good morning from Sunway. Again, no photos as we were all in the pool.

But hey, I wanna introduce 2 new attractions in Sunway. Perhaps, you may already knew about it but we fell in love with these 2 attractions.

Vuvuzela. I snapped the picture from Sunway Lagoon website. I played only once. Do not like games going round & round in circles
5D Waterplexx. Picture from Sunway Lagoon website. I love this 5D motion ride. You will definitely get wet from all directions, from the front, the side, the top, everywhere. Even if you went in dry, you will be dripping wet when u come out.

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