Sunday, 17 March 2013

Feverish ~ Viral Infection

17 March 2013 (Sun):

Here is a recount of Rachel's viral infection updates for the past week: ~

12 March: Her teacher called to inform Rachel's having a temp of 37.6. I went over to pick her up.

430pm ~ Gave her paracetomol & she went to sleep. Temp shot up to 38.2 in the evening. Another dose of paracetomol.

13 March: At 130am, I took her temp & it was 39.1. Panic! Immediate sponging from 2am ~ 4am. Yes, I sponged her for 2 whole hours.

In the morning, I took her to the doctor. Doctor prescribe some antibiotic & cough syrup. Temp @ 38.6. Only 2 feedings of medicine & Rachel began throwing up everything, including her lunch. Nothing can stay in her stomach. Not even water. What goes in comes out almost immediately. Brought her back to the doctor in the evening & was prescribed more medicine, suspected case of intestinal infection. Was told to stop giving her the antibiotics. Temp range at 38 ~ 38.6 thru out the day & night.

14 March: More puking. Lost of appetite. Pale face. Sunken eyes. Tires easily. Slept thru out the day. Temp still @ 38.7, taken at 1030pm. Sponging continued.

15 March: Temp was 38.2 at 630am but her physical condition remains, the same as 14 March. She has even stopped going to the toilet. Danger! Doctor wrote a referral letter & insisted us to send her to KK immediately. Registered. Temp @ 38.2. Time: 8pm

Nurse at triage area gave more paracetomol as her last intake was 2pm for that day. Told her Rachel may puke so the nurse only gave 1 spoonful of water. The medicine stayed inside her tummy. :)

After the blood test results were out, the doctor at KK told us it was a case of viral infection as Rachel's palete counts were low. A normal range would be 150,000 ~ 450,000 per microliter (mcL). Rachel's was only 145 which the doctor said was only a minor drop. She continued to say that it would dropped to the bottom line for the 1st 7 days & would increase thereafter.

Nothing was prescribed except for more paracetomol which I requested. We have to go back on Monday to any polyclinic or local GP for another blood test, making sure the level increase to above 150. Total consultation fees paid $98. But a whooping $200 including 3 visits to the GP.

16 March: Her temp was still hovering ar 38.2 after coming back from KK. Since KK already gave her paracetomol prior, I gave her another feeding at 115am but she threw up everything an hour and a half later. I was finding it weird as I thought her condition was stable already. Sign. My poor baby. 5 days so far and she is still not well. I cried silently as I really do not know what else can be done & I'm really so heartbroken to see my baby feeling so terrible. And her temp went up to 39.1

8am: i took her temp again, 38.8 and it stayed at that range thru the day. However, my mil told me that her food & drink intake has increased tremendously & it is a good sign. No throwing up of food or medicine & she is able to sit up longer.

At 930pm, Rachel's temp was still at 38.8 but she gave everyone a much needed surprise. Can u believe she let out gas 2 times & right in front of everyone ( urgent: gas mask needed here) & off she went to the toilet. Some stinky toilet business was settled. Phew! Gosh! But this was good. She needed to get rid of all the toxin waste building up in her.

17 March (today): Rachel's body temp doesnt seems to subside and sponging can only bring it down slighty. At 130am, it was 39.0 & 38.2 at 640am.

I woke up this morning after yet another sleepless night & felt her body. My eyes opened wide, a smile came to me. I took her temp ~ 37.6. I could almost cried for joy. This reading never appear in my thermometer at all for the whole week since Tues. I took it again, just to make sure. Yup! No mistake here.

She was well & was talking up a thunder. She finished half a bowl of porridge, a thing she never did for the past few days. 2 spoonful was all she ate since Tues and that would come right out. She went with me to the market & she walked all by herself. She asked for 100 plus & read books and did some writing.

But to be sure, I told my mil that Rachel still has to take her medication & drink more water. I do not wanna compromise here. I left the thermometer with my mil & told her to update me whenever possible. No updates yet while I am here, writing this post so I will be making a trip down later.

I have been praying feverishly, asking for a miracle from the mighty one. And yes, a miracle has been performed. I thanked God for that. All in all, Rachel has been given MC for 7 days, from 13 March ~ 19 March. She was not able to join her classmates on a trip to Health Zone on Wed, skipped Wushu practice on Fri, skipped Abacus lesson on Sat & skipped Ballet today.

Now, I am asking for Rachel to recover completely & back to her jumping jelly bean self. Will update more . :) :) :)


Mummy N said...

so glad to learn that she has since gotten better. it is never good to hear about them falling ill. :( tough on them, tougher on parents.

Lionel n Rachel said...

Thanks Nat. But a visit to the polyclinic this morning & a blood test revealed that her platelet counts has dropped even further. Doc suspected it cld be case of dengue fever.... sob sob!

I am on an emergency mode now!!!

Mummy N said...

will still keep little R in my prayers.

Lionel n Rachel said...

Thanks. A review this morning showed that her counts have gone up to 331 ( normal range: 150-450).