Monday, 15 June 2015

Tioman Getaway

13 June 2015 (Sat):

This trip was rather impromptu; unplanned for. The day before, R called me on my mobile while I was working, telling me to pack some clothings as we will be going away over the weekend. I told her not to joke but she said she was serious and that it was Daddy who told her so.

Fast forward to Sat early morning at 4.45am. We set off across the causeway, arriving Mersing at 7.40am after grabbing breakfast at MacDonald's drive thru. Okay, no prior booking for neither ferry tickets nor hotel/resort, how on earth are we getting over?!

We approached one of the many tour desk set up outside the counters and bought a package for 2 way return ferry tickets and 1 night resort stay. The ferry was due to set ff at 9am but due to some unforeseen circumstances, we were not boarded. We got our refund and I decided to proceed to Kuantan instead.

Daddy decided to try our luck at another ferry terminal - Tanjung Gemok. This time, we managed to buy return ferry tickets only. We got the Malaysian mobile data card and booked a resort online.

Our ferry tickets at RM35.00/A and RM30.00/C.

The conservation charges.

Our ferry boarding pass - Gemilang 2.

Waiting to board the ferry.

Pretty nice resort and its surrounding but poor accessibility  Guess which resort?


Learning to canoe... 

Serious or not?!!! 

We went trekking to get over to Kampung Paya Jetty for our dinner. Our resort was between Kampung Genting and Kampung Paya Jetty. Coming over to our resort was quite inaccessible unless by sea taxi service or via this jungle trekking. ( which is not advisable to do so at night - pratically no street lamps and its dangerous - whatever that could be lurking on both sides of the forest.

Our dinner for the evening. I have forgotten to take photos of it till we were halfway thru... LOL.

Now, I do not have photos for the 2nd day. We booked a half day trip which includes snorkelling, Marine Park and duty free shopping.

The weather was bad in the morning and i got sea sick. I was really unwell throughout the whole trip out at sea. I couldnt even stand up long enough to take a shower. My whole body was jelly-like. I drank a few spoonful of soup for lunch and thats it!. All I wanted to do was to lie down. But as we had already checked out of the resort, all I could do was sleep sitting up. ( and to think I actually slept).

Our departure time was booked for 2pm and i woke up at 1.30pm. My kids were having ice cream and I actually felt well enough to have one too.

I slept through the ferry journey and felt hungry when we arrived back in Mersing and Daddy said to get some light meals.

But hey, we had lost our car keys while at the resort. ( we found out while I was packing in the morning). There was no way we could drive back. We took a taxi who drove us to Larkin Terminal in JB for RM300.00. We had dinner and took bus #170 to JB customs and decided to transfer to AC 7 back to SG instead, ( The Q for #170 was long... and i mean LONG).

My uncle who lives in JB, came over to Singapore, took the spare car key from us and went over to Mersing to drive our car back. Phew!

We would not going back to Tioman anytime soon.

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