Thursday, 28 May 2015


28 May 2015 (Thursday):

Lionel took part in the 28th SEA GAMES opening ceremony and we were given tickets to watch the sneak preview on the 20 May 2015 and the actual preview on 28 May 2015.

The 20 May sneak preview were actually a Parent's Appreciation Night for YPS students which the school wanna thank the parents for all the support they gave during the practices and rehearsals.

I went for both previews and at the same time, to really take a look at the new National Stadium after its revamp.

The sneak preview:

Very nice revamption done here. 

Hey, meals were provided. Very considerate. LOL! This was on a Thursday and they knew how majority of the parents rushed down after work and would not have the time for a bite.

The actual day:

Nila, the SEA Games mascot.

The SEA GAMES goodie bag.

SEA GAMES participants (here's hoping I've got the countries and their National flag correctly):







The Philippines.





All 11 participating countries and their National flag.

Giant creatures of the Southeast Asian lore.

 An egret

A dragon

A turtle

A lion

A carp

Lionel's snippets of the performance in Act 2 - Imagination.

I did not stayed through the whole event. In fact, many people got up to leave the event right after the march pass of the altheletes. I do not know why. But for me, i did not want to be caught in the mass of crowd. I left after Act 2 and headed straight for the MRT. It was quite packed already and  I can imagine the crowd would be worst later on.

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