Sunday, 30 November 2014

Road trip to Ipoh - Day 2

30 Nov 2014 (Sun):

We had breakfast at this " I dunno what or where "  makan place... it was very crowded and we awaited a good 20 mins before we got a seat. They had Yong Tau Foo, Char Kway Teow, Chee Cheong Fun, Ngor Hiong... we ordered a plateful/bowlful from each store. Burp!

The star of the day - Lost World.

Since the last time we came here, Lost World now has this quaint little Ipoh Street, selling mainly food items. And we caught the opening show as well.

We wasted no time in coming over to the Tin Valley.

Dulang Washing. 信约之唐山到南洋. If you have watched this TV drama on Channel 8, 9pm, with cast like Li Nanxing, Jeanette Aw, Desmond Tan, Joanne Peh, defintely will know what i'm talking about.

The Kueh family left after this (Mrs Kueh wasnt feeling well) and we proceeded to watch the animal show.

We left Lost World close to 6pm and proceed to find a hotel for the night. This was the hotel we stayed previously but we've forgotten so. It was only when the front desk asked if we have stayed here before as our records were still kept, we then remembered about it.

Le Metrotel @ Jalan Theatre.

The interior of the hotel - very neat and cozy atmosphere.

Again, we came to this Lou wong Tauge Ayam Restaurant. Again we could not find a seat. Again we had to give it a miss... Hubs was commenting its everywhere in Singapore though.

We sent our ride for a change in all 4 tyres as the rubber was wearing off, did alignments, change vipers and basically, it was in good hands. No recommendations on the store though, we just passed by one and popped in to enquire.

The staff was very friendly and helpful and gave lots of advice and suggestions. In the end, they even took our ride for a test drive to make sure everything was in order. Thumbs up for an excellent service.

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