Friday, 7 March 2014

YPS 6th Annual Sports Day

07 March 2014 (Fri):

YPS had their 6th annual sports meet this morning at Yishun Sports Stadium. Prior to this event, the students had their selection process & Lionel had been selected to participate. All the P3 students had already known their school house last year & Lionel is in Topaz.

This sports event is only for the P3s to P6s. The lower primary will have theirs sometime in term 3.

I love the way that each individual house had their flags displayed along with the school flag.
Red - Ruby
Green - Emerald
Blue - Sapphire
Yellow - Topaz
 Lionel took part in the 8 x 50m relay & his team (Topaz) came in 1st. Topaz was also the overall champion. :)

Individual House March Past: Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire & Topaz

8 x 50m relay. Go Topaz (yellow). Whoa! There were really some sprinters here :) Lionel was the last one in his team to sprint across & their team came in 1st.

Prize Giving. The Champions.

Parents - Children - Teacher Relay. Watch Daddy (in grey) & Lionel, towards the far end, near the field. To help you follow closely, the 1st pair In their team was of a lady (in blue) with her child.

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