Monday, 3 March 2014

In Memory of my Beloved Grandpa - 1926 ~ 2014

03 March 2014 (Mon):

2 weeks had passed since the passing away of my Grandpa. The cause of death was Sepsis Likely Hepatobiliary (in medical terms). To simplify, we termed it as lung failure. He was having laborious breathing on Sat (15 Feb) night & was sent to KTPH. The doctor said he was in a critical condition, telling us to be prepared. From the looks of it, he may not pull through the night....

Well, he never did. At 0259hrs (16 Feb), he left us.

My Grandpa was an easy going man. So my Grandma said to have a simple funeral as well. They were free thinkers so my Dad said to go through a Buddhism ritual. The wake only lasted for 3 days. On Tues (18 Feb), we left for Mandai Crematorium & Columbarium - Grandpa's final resting place.

From young, I have known MediaCorp's Actor Zhu Hou Ren was somehow related to us but never actually knew what was the relation like. During the wake, I found out he was my father's cousin - either the 4th or 5th generation cousin. The kids saw him & Rachel was daring enough to ask: " Are u a good guy or a bad person? " That brought laughter to those who heard it all around as everyone knew Zhu Hou Ren acted in all kinds of roles.

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