Sunday, 8 December 2013

TSOD Peter Pan - "Live Your Dream " Concert 2013 (2)

08 Dec 2013 (Sun):

Round 2 of the ballet concert performance @ SCGS.

I asked Rachel if she enjoyed herself & her answer was yes. The bigger sisters took care of them all very well; played with them, assisted them, helped out, attended to their every needs. I was surprised to found out that Ms Wu would be performing as well. This was a rare opportunity to see the teachers performing. I caught the dance on video.

However, due to Daddy's work schedule, he was not able to rushed back on time, hence we missed the 1st 3 dance items - we arrived while the 4th item was ongoing. I was so afraid I would missed Rachel's " Dancing Notes " but luckily, hers was not till after the intermission.

I took a few photos of some of the dance items & I personally loved most of the costumes & some of the dance.

Hatties Brollies - Grade 6.
Falling Leaves - Advance.
Native Tribe - Dance Group (Junior).
Mystique - Dance Group ( Junior 2 )
Sad Tinkerbell - Dance Group ( Junior 2 )
Presents - Grade 5
Splashing Good Times - Grade 2
Captain Hook & Tinkerbell.
Wendy, John & Michael, together with The Lost Boys.
Peter Pan himself.

Dancing Notes - Rachel's on your right at the beginning, then towards the centre at the ending. Spot her.

The Prayer - I mentioned that it was a rare opportunity to watch the teachers dancing, right? Though not all of them are teachers but Ms Wu is in this video. Spot her? :P

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