Sunday, 15 December 2013

Wushu Grading - Brown Belt

08 December 2013 (Sun):

Back dated post.

This afternoon, Lionel had his Wushu grading. I was not there at the grading grounds as I was sending Rachel off to SCGS for her performance.

Happy to say, Lionel passed all his syllabus for the Brown Belt grading & was promoted to Junior Black Belt. Haha... Don't mess with him now. :P

Rachel, on the other hand, had to miss her Green Belt grading. Da Shi Xiong said that it was alright. She would have to do a double grading the next time round then, which means, Rachel had to be graded twice; one for her Green Belt & the other for her Blue Belt. She is learning the syllabus for the Blue Belt now.

I caught Lionel in action at the CC during Wushu lessons yesterday & I loved the belt he has on his waist. Junior Black Belt. Cool!

All passed syllabus had to be graded once more & he passed all on his 1st attempt.
These were the syllabus for the Brown Belt.
Lionel, under the guidance of another Shi Xiong. They each had individual coaching and then followed by group coaching. 
Group coaching.

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Mummy N said...

he is making good progress. :)