Saturday, 16 November 2013

Primary 1 Orientation

15 November 2013 (Fri):

The soon to be P1s were having their orientation at YPS this afternoon. After registration, the children were brought to sit according to their classes. Rachel's ballet classmate was also registered in the same school but she's in 1 Perseverance; Rachel's in 1 Integrity.

Rachel feeling comfortable. She even turned around & talked to her new classmate :)
Teacher in charge were Ms Tan (form teacher) & Ms Siti (co-form teacher), I think :P
Saw another little one crying for her mum when the teacher tried to get her to sit with her classmates. Oh dear. Hope she feels better when school reopens.
I got a sneek peep at her classroom. Rachel told me this is where she would be sitting next year. Airy & spacious classroom. The children were brought around the school while the parents were in the hall listening to a speech, watching a video presentation & filling up forms.
And yes, Lionel bought me around the school too. The library, computer room, science labs, eco garden...
The PERI upgrading works, completion is almost 90% & should be ready to use by Feb 2014. It will house all the various studios such as the dance, music & even band. There is also an indoor sports hall on the 6th floor & the ceiling as high as 2 stories.
What else the school lacks? Swimming pool. I'm trying to visualise one on the rooftop. Haha.


Mummy N said...

they are given furniture meant for older kids? Rachel's feet are hanging in the air.

Lionel n Rachel said...

oh... I didn't notice that :P let me check with Lionel if every classroom has the same type of tables & chairs.