Saturday, 30 November 2013

K2 Graduation Ceremony & Concert Performance 2013

30 November 2013 (Sat):

Rachel's official graduation ceremony begun this morning @ Republic Polytechnic. Together with 3 other centres, the auditorium was filled with excited parents.
Little Footprints Schoolhouse - Graduation Ceremony cum Concert Performance 2013.
Theme of the year: Circus.
From the beginning to the end...
A total of 12 dance items were put up by the various centres.
Rachel & some of her pals from both K1 & K2.
For memory sake: with Liu Lao Shi, Ms Shufen, teacher Karren & Ms Siti. Yes, both teacher Karren & Ms Shufen has taught Lionel as well.

Rachel's performance item number 12. She's the 1st girl running out holding a hula hoop. Watch her on your left. :)

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