Thursday, 3 October 2013

CSTD Ballet Exam Open House 2013 - Primary Syllabus

03 October 2013 (Thurs):

Rachel & her peeps had their ballet open house this evening of which they will be showcasing the exam syllabus for Nov. Note the parents

I will post some videos soon as I am having a little uploading problem right now.

At one part of the training, Ms Wu got Rachel to step forward, sit down & faced the class. For a moment, I thought what mistake did Rachel made & that her teacher needed to correct. It turned out that Ms Wu was praising Rachel for showing her sweet smile & tummy tucked in, even while sitting down.

Ms Wu told me that Rachel had improved alot & she hopes that Rachel continues to show her passion for ballet.

Oh, here is a cute one. Another classmate, PX lost her upper front teeth & so she dared not smiled with her teeth shown. Ms Wu told her it is okay to smile & that it is a must during the exam for marks were allocated.

Rachel and some of her ballet classmates. Ms Wu, the ballet teacher cldnt resist taking a photo or two...haha.

I love these poses, especially the middle pose. Rachel looked so poise.

Right split, left split & front split. Ms Wu was commenting how it is that some of her girls were able to do the right split nicely but not the left split... lol

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