Sunday, 9 June 2013

Tim Ho Wan

09 June 2013 (Sun):

This afternoon, we went to baby Adler's full month high tea celebration @ Merchant Court Swissotel. Baby Adler, 1st newborn to GH & Amelia,

In the late afternoon, we met up with my mum & aunt for some shopping & later in the evening, with Daddy for dinner @ Tim Ho Wan. We queued, or rather my aunt queued, for slightly more than an hour. I am not a fan of tim sum, so if you asked me is it the worth to queue? Let's just say: " Been there, Done that!"

A quick picture along the way.

Adler Pek.

THW even has newspaper cuttings to advertise its name.

What we ordered.

The kids enjoyed the food very much, from their expression...haha.

Messing around after dinner.

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