Saturday, 1 June 2013

K2 Mid Year Progress Report

01 June 2013 (Sat):

It was Rachel's PTC (Parents-Teachers Conference) yesterday. Teacher Karren showed me Rachel's test papers & said she was very impressed with Rachel. She is a fast learner, a helpful girl to her teachers & peers, has good oral vocabulary & speaks confidently.

Her Chinese teacher, 张老师 said that Rachel reads & speaks very well. She does her work diligently & completes all given homework but sometimes, she would still need a little reminder to concentrate.

Rachel's portfolio for 2013.

Her assessment for semester 1.
English: 100/100
Mathematics: 100/100
Chinese: 95/100.

She got all 1s for her motor development ( fine & gross ), 1s for her social/emotional behaviour, 1s for her sensory & thinking skills & 1s for her language & social skills.

** 1~ Good, 2~ Satisfactory, 3~ Fair **.

Her development milestones:

Language Arts ~ Rachel takes a keen interest in all her work. She learns new words quickly and has a mature reading voabulary. She enjoys reading stories & comprehends what she reads. She has achieved excellent scores on the weekly spelling tests. She has to continue exploring new words for vocabulary enhancement. I am so proud of all you have acomplished. Keep up the wonderful things you are doing!

Maths Concept ~ Rachel consistently uses personal best effort on a daily basis. She understands the relationship between addition & subtraction. She has the ability to use data from charts and graphs to solve problems. She understands and uses basic facts of addition & subtraction. Her progress was impressive. I hope this effort and attitude will carry over into the next semester.

Chinese Language ~ 佳璇在华语课堂时间,能够主动举手回答老师提出的问题,积极参与课堂活动。能独立,生动地郎诵儿歌与故事,会讨论道理,且能口齿清楚地进行交谈。掌握了学校教学中所规定的语言知识。

She is skillful in controlling her fine motor implements such as crayons, pencils & scissors.

 佳璇在阅读故事书, 阅读后将故事内容讲述给大家听。 通过此活动, 提高幼儿学习华语的乐趣,提高口语表达能力。

I didnt know they have Show & Tell. The principal, Mrs Leong told me they started just this year.

Record of Presentation: ( word by word)
" This is my toy. "
" Because I love she so much."
" My friend give to me one."
" The name Cinderella."
" I like Cinderella."
" It is blue."
" Hair is yellow."

Her teacher's comments: She can express her idea well. She shows confidence in speaking. She has good oral vocabulary.


Her teacher's comment: 会较连贯地讲述一段话。能口齿清楚地表达。能克服胆 怯心理,大胆当众演讲与展示。


Mummy N said...

excellent job! :) you must be so proud of her. :)

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oh i am! thanks Mummy N :)