Monday, 8 August 2016

Upside Down House, Malacca.

06 August 2016 (Sat):

It was a real last min decision to come to Malacca. A 2 days and 1 night trip bought us to this place we just found out existed. Even our friends in Malacca did not know of this place. Hello?!!!

Upside Down House. How you do it? Take a normal picture. The background is all upside down actually. After you take a pic, rotate your pic and you will have an upside down pic.

There are staff around to guide you on how you should pose, where to stand and which angle you should take the photo from.

Come and have fun!

I love this photo!

A hilarious shot of Daddy and Uncle Kueh. Seems like a tornado came and they are holding on for dear life...on the comical side.

Do we looked like we are stepping on the kids?

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