Monday, 2 May 2016

Europe: Dubai Transit - Day 1

02 May 2016 (Monday):

Hooray! The long awaited day has come. I am going on a FAMIL Trip. Nver have i been to Europe before... my very 1st time... I hope its not the last though.

This is a trip to Central Europe which covers Italy, Swiss, Paris and onwards to London, UK. I am flying on Emirates which will transit in Dubai. But luckily i am not alone, I have my colleague from the accounts dept who will be joining me on this trip.

I will not be saying much, except for some intro of the attractions here and there. ( Frankly speaking, I only upload these post now in Dec 2016, although you see the dates were in May 2016 but there were many stuff i have forgotten)

Ahem! I copied mainly from my report. Yes, I have to do a report after the trip.

European Dream ~ 02 May 2016 – 09 May 2016
Travel Director: Sophia Belliveau
Driver: Alessandro Mari

Our itinerary starts from Rome and ends in London, with 2 nights in Rome, 1 night each in Florence, Venice and Lucerne, followed by 2 nights again in Paris. We will sail across the English Channel via ferry, from Calais into Dover and lastly, we end the trip at the London Reception Centre or the Hilton Kensington Hotel.

We had a transit in Dubai via Emirates and it was 0450hrs when we arrived at Dubai. Thinking it will be an empty airport since we arrived at such odd hours but I was so wrong. The airport was busy and there were many people everywhere.

 Emirates meals and entertainment on board. There were many channels to choose from. I watched at least 5 movies throughout the flight from Singapore to Rome via Dubai. There were also international languages to choose from as well.

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