Sunday, 13 December 2015

Ballet Perfomance at Mrs Lee Choon Guan Theatre, ACJC

13 Dec 2015 (Sun):

TSOD ballet performance was held over 2 days; Fri and Sun.

Prior to Fri, I asked my colleague to accompany me to Buona Vista MRT to familiarize myself with the surroundings as ACJC was round the corner. Both of us literally walked one round around ACJC, wondering which was the nearest entrance and we both felt so stupid when we realised the main entrance was facing the station.

I really appreciated her for coming with me.

As I would be attending the concert on Fri and Sunday, I wouldn't want to be late as I was coming directly from work on Friday. Imagine wondering which direction to take and getting lost and running late cos not sure where to go... I better do a little racky.

Rachel was performing for this concert and I had promised her I would watched for the 2 days. As usual, the concert tickets were not cheap.

Without further ado, I leave you with 2 videos; one of Rachel's performance and one of her teacher, Ms Wu's performance. There are many other videos which I took but uploading them would require a considerable amount of time, hence just these 2videos would be sufficient, I think. :)

Rachel's: Eurasian Dance

The TSOD Senior's : Singapore - Our Home

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