Saturday, 11 July 2015

Team Nila Appreciation Night @ USS

11 July 2015 (Sat):

A week ago, Lionel brought back a pair of USS tickets and said it was given to everyone who had participated in the recent SEA Games event. However, admission was only from 5pm onwards, all the way till 11pm.

There was a tag given as well. Only those wearing the tags were allowed admission after 8pm as USS will be closed to the public at 8pm.

There will of cos be a few naughty ones who chose to liner on behind after 8pm, thinking that they will still allowed to go on the rides. Haha... Yes, I have noticed that. USS staff were briefed to only allow those wearing tags to go on the rides. And not just any tags but the Team Nila Appreciation Night tags.

Okay with only 2 tickets, we had to decide who would go. Lionel told me initially, they were each given only 1 ticket. Hello! Do the authorities actually expect the younger ones to go into USS by themselves?? In the end, it was the school teachers who gave up their tickets so that the students can have 2 tickets each. Nice gesture!

It was decided that Lionel and myself would go this time round. I promised would bring Rachel to USS soon for the whole day instead. She accepted the arrangement.

There were very few photos taken as we were just strolling and queue-ing for whatever rides and shows that caught our attention. We got wet and laughed ourselves silly. We caught the fire works at 8pm, though stupid me did not remember to video it down.

An evening well spent. A mother and son bonding time.

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