Saturday, 4 October 2014

Lantern Festival @ Gardens By The Bay

04 Oct 2014 (Sat):

This year, Gardens by the Bay is having a lantern festival celebration, featuring lanterns from different cultures, groups and companies. The 4 kids, together with their ah ma (aka my mil) and myself, went down to soak in the atmosphere. It had been raining earlier on, so the grounds were kinda wet and muddy but that didnt stop the crowd from coming in and by the late evening, it got so crowded that even taking a photo was hard.

I lost the kids and ah ma quite a few times but hey, having a mobile phone on hand would always do the trick of locating them. The kids were told to stay put on the spot if they ever got lost and not to go round looking for the rest. We told them, if possible, asked to borrow a mobile from someone and call us instead. Luckily, all 4 of them stayed close to ah ma.

We left the place around 10pm, took the mrt back and had a late dinner cum supper.

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