Tuesday, 4 February 2014

05th Day of CNY 2014 - 04 February 2014

04 February 2014 (Tues):

Opposite Mercure was Ecopark. On the map, there were many interesting themes such as Eco Cruiser, Learning Farm, Animal Feeding, Outbondholic, Eco Bike, Paint Ball & Eco Adventure. But there were no one around for us to enquire on the above. We walked for a while & came across this Outbondholic. They have different circuits such as Flying Fox, Log Crossing, Spider Net, etc...

We paid 70,000 rupiah x 2 for the kids to go on the circuits. (weekend price - 80,000 rupiah). After getting the kids ready in their safety harness, they were off. But as it was raining for the past few days, the grounds were wet & muddy. Worst, they were infested with mozzies. All of us got bitten quite badly but Lionel got it the worst as he was wearing bermudas. As he had to concentrate on his task, he cant possibly slap the mozzies.

I was taking photos & videos so the mozzies had fun attacking me since I was glued in one place from time to time.

 See the above pic where I managed to kill 1 mozzie. This idiot must have just finished sucking my blood. You can see the blood on my hand.
Next on our agenda was Dufan or Dunia Fantasi as the locals called it. Admission: 180,000 rupiah/person.
This is Jakarta, Indonesia's version of  " Its A Small World "
Temple of Fire - Another interesting production.
After watching the Temple of Fire show, we followed the crowd & came through the back door which leads back into Eco Park. We saw this restaurant - Talaga Sampireun & decided to have some light snacks since we got a show to catch later in the evening.
The place was cozy with different dining themes to cater to different guest - private function rooms, open air concepts, air conditioned huts, etc..
We chose the open air huts where the kids went crazy feeding the fishes.
Tape Goreng, Serabi Solo, Singkong Kukus, Es Sirsak Talaga Sampireun & Es Merah Delima.
See if u can match the names of the food we ordered accordingly. No cheating; do not google. Haha..
This was our finale for the evening. " Fantastique - Magic Fountain Show ", somewhat similar to our Sentosa's " Songs of the Sea " show. The admission tickets were given complimentary to us when we bought the Dufan tickets. Usual price would cost: 50,000 / 60,000 rupiah weekday & weekend respectively.
Below were shot clips of the day's happenings. Enjoy!


Its A Small World.


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