Saturday, 28 September 2013


28 September 2013 (Sat):

Hey folks, we are still around. Its just that there isnt any event nor outings to pen down. Yeah, I know this blog has been "ignored" for a month but well, things have been going real slow. So without further ado, i present to u our notices - the only thing that is coming in on

First thing first, there seems to be quite a number of stuff going on in YPS for year end. We have the PSLE listening compre & exams that took place & ongoing... then there is the lower primary sports day held 1 day before Children's Day on the 03 Oct. Children's Day is a school holiday so no lessons on that day. (Long weekend for the kids)

Then there is the PSLE marking for a whole week - 14 ~ 18 Oct. All pupils need not attend school. Hari Raya, another public holiday which falls on the 15 Oct. No sch again. The SA2 papers for the P3s - P5s begins on 10 Oct & continues on 22 Oct again... weird planning. Hey, what about the P1s & P2s??? No mention.

Another PH, Deepavali which falls on 02 Nov & lastly, the prize presentation day & P1 orientation day on the 15 Nov.

The K2 also have their program listed. The graduation ceremony cum concert falls on the 30 Nov @ Republic Poly. This year, the concert's theme is "Circus"

$25 per ticket & I got 3 for us... My K2 little princess will be graduating this year. Woohoo!
Side note: the K2s are having their year end paper on the 23 - 25 Oct.

TSOD, Yishun will be having its CSTD ballet exam open house for the primary level on the 10 Oct. It will be showcasing the exam syllabus & discussions on the exam preparations. ( Date has been brought forward to 03 Oct instead. Exams will be held sometime in Nov. Gosh! I hope it does not clash with the P1 orientation date.

Lastly, TSOD will be having its concert, Peter Pan - Live Your Dreams at SCGS, Khoo Auditorium on 07 & 08 December.

So many stuff cramped into my already "fried" brain. I need air!

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